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John Herdt 


I just posted the following info on the home page:

Friday Music is offering a newly remastered 180 gram audiophile vinyl release of the Tommy Bolin Band’s live performance at Northern Recording Studio in Maynard, MA on September 22, 1976. This recording is taken from WBCN FM’s master radio broadcast tape in cooperation with the recording’s original engineer George Lilly. Special thanks to Carter Allan and WBCN FM, Boston MA.

The album will be available on February 24, but is available for pre-order at the links below. The Friday Music pre-order is on sale at the time of this post.

John Herdt 

I did get confirmation from Johnnie Bolin this morning that the Bolin Fest will be on Saturday, August 5 at the Ickey Nickel in Sioux City. I'll try and start the promo and info page I do each year going soon.

mark g. 

Can't believe nobody answered Patrick. 1st week in August. Sioux City, Iowa. If you check the other posts you will find the info Patrick.

patrick Email

How long have you been listening to Tommy's Music? 1976

What are your favorite Bolin songs? all Teaser and Post Toastee and Savannah Woman

Which Archives CDs do you own? none

when and where is the 2017 TB music fest?

Robert Hislope Email

Greetings to All:  I have a story you might like. I was at the local super cuts last week to get a cheap cut.  A 20-something year old girl is assigned to me.  As the process starts, she asks me if I have plans for the weekend.  I say, "yes, I'm writing a book on someone I'm sure you never heard of, but probably you've heard of the band he was once a member of, Deep Purple."  She responds, "Oh, Deep Purple, which one?"  I say "Tommy Bolin."  She says "I know who Tommy Bolin is!!!!"  I say how's that possible?  Her response:  "I have cool parents."  And so the conversation went from there.

I was really blown away that such a young girl could know TB.  I took it as a great sign.

I'm currently half way through my book manuscript now. Three chapters and an introduction are now in completed rough draft form.  I have two more chapters to write, and then a conclusion.  

I just need a few interviews ...

John Herdt 

RIP Elliott Rubinson, owner of Dean Guitars and Ddrum. He passed away last night. I met Elliott when his company debuted the USA Tommy Bolin Tribute Teaser guitar at NAMM 2008. Nick Simmons designed the Teaser guitar and he was also at that NAMM. They later collaborated on the second Tommy tribute guitar, the Tomikazi. Nick passed away in September of 2015, so both of those shining supporters of the Bolin scene are gone now. Elliott was also the bass player for guitar superstars Michael Schenker and Uli Jon Roth. I don't know of another guitar company owner that played out as much as he did. This is such a shock, as was losing Nick.


How long have you been listening to Tommy's Music? since 1975

What are your favorite Bolin songs? all from DP and solo albums

Which Archives CDs do you own? just about all my biggest collection too

Hey great news the highly-acclaimed Tour by Glenn Hughes former DP bandmate of Tommy - still includes two tracks from Come Taste the Band - Getting Tigher and You Keep on Moving - great tracks.  GH has such a back catalogue it is just fantastic he still recalls these great times long past - well done!

David Email

Jeff Beck has done a track on Imelda May's new cd. It's like Sleep Walk by Santo and Johnny. It was on Risin' Time on RTE Radio 1 on Thurs - around 35min into the show

Dean Christopher 

Hi All,
Well the Hotel is booked, the Venue(s) are booked and the Fan Jam Facebook page is officially back online counting down the days until  Bolinfest/FanJam 2017. Lots of information and pictures of past fests will be presented on this site and it will be a fun countdown until August 3rd (first night of the FanJam) Here is the link...please share with others and let's really get the word out. Can't wait to see you all!!!

glenn murray Email

How long have you been listening to Tommy's Music? 1973

What are your favorite Bolin songs? too many

Which Archives CDs do you own? not enough

Funk 50-indeed !

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